Anime has truly entered the mainstream thanks to more than a dozen top-quality series and movies that include both old and new titles. Although anime content was getting the attention of the public even back in the 90s with hit series like Pokemon and Dragon Ball, its reach was still limited to a few countries. However, as of today, billions of users worldwide consume anime content and look to see the community grow further. 

Understanding the Rise of Anime

Before we go into the details, we need to clarify that the rise of anime doesn’t have much to do with the ‘quality’ of the content, and rather takes the audience's reaction into factor. Two decades ago, anime wasn’t well-received by all age groups as many couldn’t give it a try and continued to watch conventional content. With time, people have come to realize the quality of anime content and appreciate it for various things that include action, story, character development, concepts, and much more!

Another thing that has contributed to the steep rise of anime is the assembling of both older and new generations that have watched anime, building a solid base for the ever-expanding anime community. The people that have been following anime since the 80s and 90s, in addition to the new generation which is much more into anime than other forms of content, have paved the way for anime to hit the mainstream. Once anime content was only accessible through the TV but now anime movies are a superhit in theaters, all popular series are available on Netflix and other platforms, and anime events are being organized all over the world to celebrate its immense success. 

Anime Merchandise: Helping Anime Fans Extend Their Love and Support

Fans are not only excited to watch anime content but remain keen to get more insights into famous series like AoT, Demon Slayer, Blue Lock, Pluto, Jujutsu Kaisen, and more. Further, they want to show their love and support to the original creators in every way possible. Purchasing officially licensed anime merchandise is the right way to do this as vendors collaborating with anime production houses and original creators guarantee that they all get paid when people buy the merchandise. 

Anime Phone Cases: An Emerging Merchandise

Since anime merchandise like clothing, phone cases, notebooks, and facemasks serve a dual purpose, fans are on the constant lookout for adding new merch to their collection. iPhone or Samsung phone cases with anime themes are gaining popularity because fans get to carry them everywhere without putting in extra effort. Further, anime phone cases enable the phone’s user to share his/her immense love for the anime every time he/she takes out the phone for any task. 

The best-quality anime cases, be it iPhone or Samsung phone cases, also feature slick designs and graphics that can add a unique appeal to your phone. Therefore, anime phone cases are also a great option for non-anime fans who are into remaining updated on the latest fashion trends. You can rely on SODA for the most appealing and durable anime phone cases. Shop now!

Gunjan Sharma